Brought my teens and their friends. Had a blast!!! We screamed, ran, crawled. Just had an over all amazing time. Can't wait until next year. Only problem was purchasing tickets online with a time slot and still waiting over an hour. We will still return for more chills and screams.

Jill M.

Very nice and friendly place. Good actors and set up! Just wish it would have lasted a little longer then 30 mins for the $$$. Other then that my son and I enjoyed it very much!

Sierra W.

The kid friendly trick or treat walk through was so amazing. They did such an amazing job, it was just enough spook for the kiddos!! The monsters were so nice and polite and they all looked like they really enjoyed doing this. We had such a blast! We are so excited to go again next year!! The time was so convenient as well, enough time for dinner & trick or treating!! Happy Halloween.

Megan N.

First time there and we loved it. I personally chose to opt out of touching. Actors still come up to you and interact with you without having to touch you. They were respectful with that. I had fun walking through to see their amazing work with decorating and dressing up for their part. A couple of actors would answer questions I would ask as they were clearly playing a role and they engaged with me to tell me their story as they walked with us in their room.

Cindy S.

There was strobe lights and my husband who is sensitive did voice l that when an actor approached he needed a second to get through the room to scare and they backed up enough to walk with us out of the room and waited for my husband to say that he was good that they continued their scare. Thank you so much pig face mask man.

We did get separated from our group a couple of times but that was fine as they would catch us up with their scares. And chainsaws were quite fun, they saw I didn't have a glow stick so they ran up to the front of the group to scare our leader instead. It worked out, our leader did want the scare and she absolutely hates chainsaws.

Overall it was a fun experience and made it feel inclusive when they accommodated to our little request in one of the rooms.

Thank you so much!

Corey M.

It was really awesome! So glad I went! Everyone was great, and props to the security team! I read some reviews where people are trying to put them down for doing their job. I understand why lighters are collected for safety reasons In the hour/ hour and a half I waited in line I witnessed a dozen different people yell at security for making the haunt safe for everyone by taking their lighters, so I understand why they were stern and more direct toward people who get an attitude over it. I highly recommend going here, and I will be back.

Corey M.

Love Love Love!! We just left and we had such a great time! Excellent service the decorations were Amazing!!! We highly recommend going to this attraction. We have been to several and had such an awesome time. Definitely get the glow stick (to allow touching) it really added to the experience!

Nichole F.

Very fun and professional Haunted House. From the Staff who tested temperature of entering Guests to the Security Guards, they did a good job. The Haunted House itself was well done and scary! Great ideas and Villains/Monsters! I would highly recommend Exit 13!

Sam G.

Been to hundreds of haunted houses around michigan and this one by far is the best one it's like getting the real experience where they can grab and touch you only if you want them too. I will definitely be coming back again!! The staff and actors are top notch. Thank you for a wonderful time!!

Kimberly S.

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