Is it scary?

YES! Voted Best Haunted Attraction in Genesee County since 2013, Exit 13 is the LARGEST, most EXTREME, and TERRIFYING haunt around. Think you have what it takes to survive? We dare you to get off at Exit 13, your destination for TERROR.

What happens if I get too scared inside the haunt? Can I leave?

Yes. There are several emergency exits located throughout the attraction that you may exit from at any time. However, once you leave the attraction there will be no refunds issued and you may not re-enter without purchasing a new ticket.

Will things touch me?


Is it the same as last year?

Absolutely not! Every year we make HUGE changes and renovations to the haunt!

Am I allowed to wear a costume?

Yes, however we do not allow bulky costumes or handheld items. No weapons, real or fake, will be permitted.

Is there an age restriction?

Exit 13 Haunted House is not recommended for children under the age of 13, however there is no official age restriction as every person is different. Please be aware that the attraction is very intense and features extreme imagery and realistic depictions of gore. Use your discretion.

Do kids need to be accompanied by an adult?

No, but it is recommended for younger patrons. Use your discretion.

When are you open? What are your hours of operation?

We do have some off season events. Please see our OFF SEASON EVENTS or TICKETS pages for more information.

How do I buy tickets?

Tickets are available at our box office during business hours as well as 24 hours a day in advance online. To minimize wait times we recommend you reserve your time slot and BUY TIMED TICKETS in advance.

Is there any way to avoid the line?

Yes, the best way to minimize your wait time is to reserve your time slot and BUY TIMED TICKETS in advance. VIP Fast Pass Upgrades are also available for purchase.

What is a VIP Fast Pass Upgrade?

A VIP Fast Pass Upgrade allows you to skip the lengthy general admission line and grants you access to a much shorter and faster moving VIP line. VIP Fast Pass Upgrades can be purchased at the box office.

What are Timed Tickets?

Timed Tickets allow you to reserve a day and time slot that works best for you. You'll arrive at your selected time and shouldn't have to wait more than 30 minutes to enter the attraction, though many times patrons are able to enter almost immediately. BUY TIMED TICKETS HERE.

How long is the wait?

Wait times for those who buy general admission tickets the day of at the box office will vary depending on the day and time of purchase.

If you BUY TIMED TICKETS online and reserve your time slot in advance, you'll arrive at your selected time and shouldn't have to wait more than 30 minutes to enter the attraction, though many times patrons are able to enter almost immediately.

If I bought a Timed Ticket online in advance, where should I go when I get to the attraction?

Please walk past the box office line and check in with the staff member at the main entrance, they will assist you in getting you to the right place.

What is your refund policy?

No refunds. All sales final.

Are you open if it rains?

The entire attraction, including the waiting line, is located indoors. We are open rain or shine.

Where can I find coupons?

Coupons are available in the Haunt Guide. We also occasionally run special deals through our social media pages. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

Does Exit 13 Haunted House accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept major credit cards both online and at our box office.

Is there an ATM on-site?


Where can I park?

Free security-patrolled parking is available on-site.

How long does it take to go through?

Times will vary depending on the patron. Some people run through, while others go through more slowly.

Is the attraction handicap accessible?


Can I go through if I'm pregnant?

No. We do not recommend this attraction for those who are pregnant.

Are there strobe lights and fog?

Yes, please be aware that both fog and strobe lights are used in various scenes throughout the attraction. The flashing lights may affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or have other health conditions.

Can I bring in ___________?

Chances are if you have to ask you're better off leaving it in your car or at home. For the safety of all persons in and around the facility, we ask that you DO NOT bring in any bags, bulky accessories, jewelry, or phones.

Exit 13 Haunted House also has a strict NO WEAPONS policy - No weapons of any kind (including but not limited to: guns, knives, pepper spray, lighters, etc.) are permitted inside of the attraction. Even people who are licensed to carry firearms, including off-duty law enforcement officers, will NOT be permitted to bring their weapons into the attraction.

Can I take photos, audio/video recordings inside the haunt?

No. Patrons found using cameras and/or any recording devices inside of the haunt will be immediately escorted out of the attraction and will not be given a refund.

Does Exit 13 Haunted House have security?

Yes, we have security on-site to assist patrons and crew.

Do you have video surveillance at the attraction?

Yes. Our video surveillance system is a tool that ensures our ability to run the attraction as smoothly and safely as possible.

Can you be asked to leave and/or be escorted out of the attraction?

Yes, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not follow the posted rules, as determined by our staff. We do not allow foul language, pushing, fighting, vulgar behavior, alcohol, weapons of any kind, etc.

Please note that by entering the attraction you agree that you do NOT have any right to touch the actors or staff. Any patron found attacking actors or damaging props or any other part of the haunt will be immediately removed and not issued a refund.

How can I get a job at Exit 13 Haunted House?

If you're interested in becoming a part of our team please reach out using our CONTACT form.

Do you sell merchandise?

Yes, we sell t-shirts and various souvenirs at our merch booth located at the end of the haunt.

Do you have concessions available on-site?

Yes, light beverages and snacks are available at our concession stand near the entrance.

Is there any way to win free tickets?

Yes! We regularly post contests through out social media pages. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for your chance to win!

I have another question...

If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out via our CONTACT page and we will respond as quickly as we can.